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Court-Mandated DUI Counseling in Milwaukee and Waukesha

If you have been arrested for drunk or impaired driving in Wisconsin, you may be required to attend court-ordered DUI counseling in order to get your license back. Typically, Wisconsin courts will mandate DUI counseling for first-time offenders rather than imposing stricter penalties. If the required DUI counseling is not completed, a harsher sentence is often forced. So, while it may seem like a hassle to have to attend DUI counseling, it’s a much better option if you consider the alternative.   Iris Health Clinic’s DUI counseling services are designed to meet Wisconsin’s court-mandated DUI case regulations set forth by judges to keep high-risk, intoxicated drivers off the roads.   

What You Can Expect from our DUI Counseling Services

 To begin, you will need to participate in a DUI evaluation to better understand your relationship with drugs and/or alcohol. Are you physically dependent and if so, on what substance and how often are you using it? Through this evaluation, our highly trained counselors can gauge how severe your addiction problem is and if you need additional treatment, such as residential, outpatient, or extended care

During our DUI counseling sessions, participants will learn more about themselves, their relationship to alcohol and/or other drugs, and gain insight into how they can make healthier decisions to ensure a brighter future for themselves.  While attending DUI counseling, participants will receive documentation that they can present to the necessary agencies to show proof of attendance.

Alcohol-Related Crashes, Injuries & Deaths in Wisconsin

While the purpose of DUI counseling is to ensure Wisconsin’s residents abide by state laws, our DUI education program can be beneficial in so many more ways, especially for those who are just beginning to misuse substances. There is a lot of value in being able to learn about the devastating impact of addiction on a person’s life in the long-term that can really help them turn things around. After all, there were 190 alcohol-related crash deaths in Wisconsin in 2019, as reported by Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation. In this same year, there were 5,174 alcohol-related crashes and 2,872 alcohol-related crash injuries. This means an average of one person is killed or injured in an alcohol-related crash every 2.9 hours on Wisconsin’s roads.

We certainly don’t want any member of our community to become a statistic. Please, reach out. Let our highly skilled staff help you get your license, recovery and life back on track.  You are worth it!

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Please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you are struggling with addiction or you are a family member, friend, professional, or ally, our passionate and qualified team members are here for you! Helping our Wisconsin recovery community members find the support they need to live a healthy and full life is what we’re all about.

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